Keeping FreeBSD up to date

FreeBsd makes keeping your system up-to-date relatively easy using a utility called freebsd-update.

simply run

freebsd-update fetch

to download all updates

then run

freebsd-update install

To install the downloaded updates

When it comes time to upgrade to a new major version of FreeBSD you will need to use upgrade and …

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Resetting the root Password on Ubuntu

It’s not very common but at some point everyone needs to get back into a Linux box they do not know the password to.

The procedure below is for Ubuntu 14.04 with Grub.

Reboot the Linux machine

When you get to the Grub screen select the “Advanced options …

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Update your Shit NTPD edition

As of 18 Dec 2014 NTPD released V 4.2.8 this addressed multiple vulnerability with all previous versions.


Update all your systems running NTPD (Linux, BSD, Unix based) to V 4.2.8

Use NTPq -c Version to display your current version of NTPd

Desktop% ntpq -c version …
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One of the most effective things that you can do to secure any system is to keep it up to date, ideally this can be done automatically.

Cron-apt is a package that helps you do this.


sh sudo apt-get install cron-apt


cron-apt has two configuration files

/etc/cron …

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Linux NTP

One of the background things that you rellly don’t think about untill it is a problem is Time Syncronization.

The standard method to ensure that you have the correct time is Network Time Protocal (NTP).

In linux this is comanaly already installed with your distrubution.


you can verify …

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I happened to need a simple tool to enable outgoing email from a Linux server. I discovered SSMTP as extremely simple tool for outgoing email.

to install (on Debian based systems)

Apt-Get install SSMTP

Then configure by editing /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf


A couple of recommendations that I found …
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