Linux NTP

One of the background things that you rellly don’t think about untill it is a problem is Time Syncronization.

The standard method to ensure that you have the correct time is Network Time Protocal (NTP).

In linux this is comanaly already installed with your distrubution.


you can verify that both NTP is installed and operating with

ntpq -p

you should see something like this

remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
*pool-test.ntp.o  2 u  826 1024  377    1.558    2.208   2.816
+     2 u  436 1024  377   46.977    2.289   3.186
+ns1.your-site.c     3 u  803 1024  377   76.805    2.900   2.753
ec2-54-88-192-6 .INIT.          16 u   5d 1024    0   81.509    3.510   0.000

if you get this back NTP is installed and working.


For the most part the default settings will do everything you want. but if you want to change some settings you can find the config file at.


(Be sure to restart the ntp service to reload the configuration after makeing changes.)