Emacs Doom emacs

Just like my git page this is a reference page to emacs I use Doom Emacs this uses evil-mode that changes most of the key bindings to be more vim like. Due to this the below is specific to doom emacs and not necessarily to any emacs.

Doom Emacs configuration

open configuration files

File managment

Creating file Control-X + Control-F

Open Neotree (File structure) SPC - o - p


kill current buffer SPC - b - k


vertical split SPC-w-v

Moving between windows are the normal vim keys Move right SPC-w-l Move up SPC-w-k Move down SPC-w-j Move left SPC-w-h

Moving the windows then are the Uper case versions Move right SPC-w-L Move up SPC-w-K Move down SPC-w-J Move left SPC-w-H

Spell check

I am a horrible speller and so use Flyspell to correct words as needed

Correcting Spelling ALT - $


reload config SPC - h - r - r